10 April Drive
Dayton NJ 08810
Phone +1 732 274 2648
E-mail: info@aniotek.com
Aniotek Inc is a privately held company that specializes in Fieldbus technology. We will continue to develop and enhance ASIC and other Fieldbus specific components that are used in Fieldbus I/O devices, controllers, linking devices and host interfaces. All of these components will be available for a long time and will not become obsolete. We will provide all of the technical support to help the customer develop their product using our Fieldbus components.

Ashok Gupta has more than 20 years of experience in the process control market. He was the leader for IEC Data Link Layer standards committee and Fieldbus Foundation Data Link Layer project. He has managed development of control systems and HART® transmitters at ABB. He was senior Vice President of business development for Ficon Technologies, a pioneer in data networking hardware and software solutions. He was director of DSL Modem development including chips, reference design and software drivers at Globespan Inc (now part of Conexant Systems, Inc).

To help our customers develop Industrial I/O Devices, which connect to digital communication network.
Provide chips and components
Provide reference designs, development support and test tools
Provide technical expertise in Fieldbus
Reduce the cost of development
Reduce the cost of the I/O Devices